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Growing Instructions for Acai Trees (Euterpe Oleracea)

Germination and Seedling Stage

  • Climate: Subtropical or tropical, Frost-free regions all over the world.
  • Soil: Typical potting soil, rich soil with decomposed organic matter.
  • Sun: Demands shade for about one year(Think rainforest floor) 2 hours of sun per day blocked by a house or other plants is ideal.

 Germination requires wet soil at warm temperatures.  Most of our seeds will arrive to you already sprouting. We recommend growing several palms in the same container and using a clear plastic bag to keep in moisture. Use a desk lamp or seedling heat mat for heat if you are doing indoor planting. The process can be done outside during tropical seasons.  Red spikes should appear after 2 weeks and leaves slowly appear.

With these conditions expect 90-95%germination rate. After their infancy the palms can be potted as houseplants or planted outside. Pictured are 7 inch tall 2 month old seedlings.  Low light conditions for small palms is very important, this also makes the palm a great houseplant in cooler climates because they thrive next to windows.

Mature Palms

When the acai trees are planted in ground they will benefit from frequent waterings. Acai palms thrive in a habitat that is frequently flooded. Acai palms benefit from rich soil with plenty of organic matter.

In a tropical climate it should take roughly 4 years to receive the first acai berries. The variety being offered fruits at a shorter height and produces better acai than the wild form. Fruit is collected year round in equatorial climates, but large harvests occur in fall months in the subtropics.

In South Florida the palm may need to be wrapped with a frost cloth during the frosts that come a couple times per decade. Acai (Euterpe Oleracea) does very well in climates like Queensland & Hawaii.

 Harvest From 3 Year old  Acai Trees in Sarawak, Malaysia.


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