Customer Success

Hollywood, California:

In season 5 of Parks and Recreation, we provided production staff with their acai trees.  In this scene, the character gives the gift of an acai tree and says it is a superfood. It really shows what a great gift it is to grow Acai for anyone interested in gardening, superfoods, or anti-oxidants.

Acai Tree, A superfood and supergift.




In 2008, we helped a naturopathic physician in the Malaysian Jungle get started with his acai planting. He started this operation at his home to provide health benefits to his friends and neighbors in his small town. Now 3 years later, the palms are thriving and flowering as they would in their native Brazil. The shady location in this garden demonstrates the low light conditions necessary to successfully grow acai palms. We look forward to posting future updates on the growth of acai in this spot in Malaysia as the community will soon have a fresh source of the fruit.

The Açaí plant is flowering nicely, yielding fruit in its third year.


Note how close the tree is to the house – correct amounts of light and shade are key to a healthy Açaí tree.

Açaí palms created a rain forest canopy in the garden over a couple short years, mixing well with local flora.

Kuala Lumpur:

Kuala Lumpur Acai

Acai palms on 2 properties in Kuala Lumpur. Our customer and his friends noted a high germination rate.

Puerto Rico, USA

After just over two years, these acai palms in Puerto Rico are spreading with multiple trunks.  Flower buds should appear before the next rainy season.




This planting is on a family farm in Cambodia. The family has begun selling these trees as a nursery operation.