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Maquí Berry Powder (US Only)

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Only Ships to U.S.

A Patagonian native fruit, Maquí is gaining popularity for its amazing health benefits. Maquí has been consumed by indigenous Mapuche people, of southern Chile, for centuries. While always a part of Chilean culture, Maquí is now globally famous for containing the highest antioxidant value of any fruit.

It has a short summer harvest and this powder is a great way to enjoy the fruit year round if you can't grow it at home. Our product is freeze dried and seedless. It is nearly free of all seed remnants so it is the purest form of the fruit available.

The seeded powders are usually only half fruit. This product will be a great flavor and antioxidant addition to your smoothie, juice, or herbal tea. Our Maquí powder has no additives or preservatives. Buy more than one and save on shipping!