Acai Berry Palm Seeds

Açaí (Euterpe Oleracea) Fruit Palm Seeds

Açaí (ah-sigh-ee) is an amazing species from the Amazon estuary. It grows in fertile, swampy areas of the forest. Açaí is a very beautiful and productive palm, which has a new and important commercial presence. Açaí is a unique crop and we are helping it gain popularity in Florida, Australia, and around the world!


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Açaí became prominent in Rio de Janeiro in the 90s, when the local athletes consumed it to help with strength and stamina. Today, It’s seen in supermarkets, juice bars, and nutrition centers worldwide. It is said to have the following properties:

  • Anti-Aging
  • Highest concentration of Antioxidants of any fruit
  • Anti-Inflamatory.
  • Amino Acids for muscle growth

Why grow Açaí Trees?

Fresh açaí fruit is not seen outside of South America because the açaí fruit breaks down in shipping. If you have a warm climate, you can enjoy fresh pure, un-diluted berries from your acai tree. Today, many of the health drinks are priced so high, it makes their health benefits not worth the cost. Many companies also blend açaí with a bunch of other fruits and keep the concentration a mystery.

It has become an expensive delicacy simply because farmers can not keep up with the demand in Brazil. The high-priced açaí drinks still do not offer the same health benefits as raw açaí. The majority consist of açaí pulp that leaves Brazil as a dried powder form and then mixed into açaí juices with water when it arrives in the USA. Processed foods always carry less nutrients.

In the past, açaí was available to everyone, including the poor. Now it is out of reach for many in the Amazon region because of the increase in world-wide demand for this healthy açaí berry.

Order Açaí Seeds with Confidence!

Since 2007, açaí palm seeds has been supplying customers around the world with viable, fresh açaí seeds from the Amazon. We are committed to offering gardeners and farmers alike with the best quality seeds for açaí berry production. Our seeds are collected from trees with the best genetics by experts in the field. The açaí berry seeds arrive to your door from the USA with the freshness and viability of seeds from amazonian Acai Trees.

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