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Learn About Açaí

Maqui Germination Guide Posted on 18 Feb 21:03 , 0 comments

Maqui thrives in temperate locations free of prolonged freezes. The best way to get started in one of these regions is with high-quality seeds in the correct conditions. Seed germination is a simple process that requires some patience, but don't worry. Follow these few steps and you should see your seeds sprouting in as little as a couple of weeks.


  • Sphagnum Moss
  • Plastic zipper bag
  • Heat Source, such as a heat mat, if average temperature is below 28°C (82° F)
  • Easy access to water 
  • Grow light or natural light

Step 1: Get the Moisture Right

The key is to give the maqui seeds sufficient moisture without over-hydrating the growing medium. Add water to your sphagnum moss until it is moist but does not drip when squeezed.

Step 2: Package the Maqui and Sphagnum in the bag

Mix the seeds and sphagnum moss evenly. Sphagnum provides the right humidity and lessens the risk of fungus, making it ideal for jumpstarting the germination process.

Step 3: Keep Conditions Stable

Keep constantly warm temps above 28°C for a few weeks. Some light can be given or a few hours with a low power grow light.

Step 4: Transplant the sprouting seeds

Pick the sprouting seeds out of the sphagnum moss and plant in acidic soil. They will be easy to find as they will grow towards light.





Why Grow Your Own Açaí? Posted on 5 Apr 17:14 , 5 comments

Fresh açaí fruit is not seen outside of South America because the açaí fruit breaks down in shipping. If you have a warm climate, you can enjoy fresh, pure, un-diluted berries from your açaí trees.

Know what is in your Açaí

Many companies also blend açaí with a bunch of other fruits and keep the concentration a mystery. In a few short growing seasons, you can be enjoying your own fresh, healthy juice from an açaí palm tree in your own garden. Pictured is a Malaysian harvest.

Affordable & Healthy, Grown Locally.

Many health drinks are priced so high it makes their health benefits not worth the cost. Growing your OWN açaí means you will have a steady supply of fresh, low-cost, locally-grown superfruit.

Your Trusted Global Partner

Our staff and network of growers are happy to answer any questions you may have about growing your own açaí. Our customers have successfully grown their own açaí in Australia, India, the United States and many places in between. From one plant to thousands, let us help you be the next success story. Pictured are acai palms at a house in central Puerto Rico.

Açaí Exports Create Hunger Posted on 5 Apr 16:30 , 0 comments

Açaí was a nutritious staple for hundreds of years in the Amazon, but is now becoming a luxury. The wholesale price of açaí has increased by more than 60 times since it first became marketed commercially!

Many poor are now priced out of an important part of their diet. By encouraging local production of açaí around the world, we can all realize the benefits of açaí while lessening hunger in the Amazon.

By encouraging home production, we hope to lessen the effects of hunger on the native populations in the Amazon, which do not benefit from the profits of the health product corporations.

This has been our aim from the start, and we can't thank you enough for joining this worldwide movement promoting healthy eating by growing locally.

About Our Berries Posted on 29 Mar 21:35 , 0 comments

We sell a special variety called the Dwarf Acai. These seeds were selectively bread by growing experts to maximize productivity of the Açaí fruit.

Para Dwarf, common name: Dwarf Açaí Palm is the more rare dwarf form of the famed Açaí Palm. Gorgeous, fast growing, producing fruits (delicious berries) earlier than the standard form at approximately 3-4 years of age, and at a much smaller size - around 3 feet of trunk height.

From the Brazilian rainforest, which is famous for some of the most delicious and nutritious berries known, açaí berries are typically made into a tasty juice, smoothie, or put on breakfast cereal, with highly beneficial antioxidants.

Dwarf Açaí Characteristics:

  • 20% more pulp per berry
  • Achieves height of 20 feet rather than 30
  • Better uniform quality of fruit with an excellent flavor.
  • Begins to fruit at a shorter height.