Grow Guide – Açaí Palm Seeds

Grow Guide

 These are some basic instructions about how to successfully grow açai from our seeds. It's a simple process.  It is important to begin with having high quality recently harvested seeds.  We make sure all customers from gardeners to large scale tropical farmers have the freshest germinating seeds.


Germinating your acai seeds and caring for the small palms is a simple process. It's made easier because most of the seeds will arrive already germinating. All you need is some good quality soil with an acidic Ph, well saturated with water, and temperatures near 25 Celcius.  You can create these conditions with lamps in cold climates or simply plant outside in the tropics.  Here are some images of both.


Açai palms will need tropical temperatures and rich soil.  In sandy locations the soil will have to be amended. Açai thrives in a wide range of the tropics.  In Brazil you can see fruiting açai from the Amazon to Sao Paulo.  Juçara is a cold resistant version of açai from the extreme south of Brazil where cold fronts and light frosts occur. We recommend this for our customers in places like central Florida, the Mediterranean, Sydney etc.  It's a beautiful palm and a heavy fruit producer.

Seedling stage

Like the new sprouts, the small palms will need plenty of shade to keep them green and growing quickly.  Acai originates in a river delta and the seedlings always start out well protected by a thick canopy. The images below are in Cambodia, Hawaii, Sao Miguel, and India.

Maturity and Harvest.

After a few seasons the first berries appear.  Shade can be gradually reduced as the palms mature and produce their own canopy.  The açai palms will produce many trunks.  You can increase yield by removing the new trees to have 4 main trunks.