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Customer Success: Açai Growing Around the World

Our high quality seeds give some great results. Here are some of our customer submissions.


Our customer, a naturopath in Sarawak, successfully produces açai.  He had the idea in 2008 to start planting açai to have a steady source of antioxidants for his community. 


Puerto Rico

We have helped many gardeners in Puerto Rico grow açai. These images show a successful planting in soil that contains a significant amount of clay.  The video shows a nice walk around as Dave shows us spacing and gives other info on his acai planting.


Kerala, India

Dec 2016: Acai growth almost a year after planting.


Queensland, Australia

This shows the creation of an artificial environment under grow lights.   This method is also useful in cold climates where batches of acai trees can be planted for houseplants.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ashraff showed us his açái plantings that he and his friends have on their properties


São Miguel Island, Portugal

So far the Juçara plants are off to a great start in a greenhouse.  We have had a lot of interest in acai growing in the North Atlantic Spain and Portugal and this species is the best choice. We look forward to posting more of these palms from this home garden, where the palms enjoy year round high humidity and a unique volcanic soil.


Manila, Philippines




This customer planted acai palms at various locations including Quezon city and the Calabarzon region.