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Maquí Berry Seeds

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Maqui is a berry from Chilean and Argentine Patagonia. It was first consumed by indigenous Mapuche communities who used it to produce an alcoholic beverage from the fruit pulp. Fresh maquí berries are only available at produce markets in the Patagonian region.

The fruit is sweet and is great on its own or added to a smoothie recipe. There is a natural deep purple pigment, making the berry useful as a dye. Maquí seeds are slightly smaller than apple seeds and can easily be separated from the pulp during processing.

Producers are exploring commercial production and the Chilean University of Talca is studying ways of increasing both yields and anti-oxidant potency. This is a versatile plant because it grows from humid and cool Patagonia and into the semi arid Mediterranean climate in Santiago. Gardeners grow this berry in many locations around Europe, the USA, and Australia. Proper fruit formation in summer in arid climates requires irrigation.

Maqui will stay bright green year round in the absence of deep freezes.   

Maqui Germination:

Our germination is in plastic bags with moist peat moss and temps from 28-31C.  Maquí seeds require 1 to 4 months to germinate in a moist medium.   It is very effective in producing seedlings that can be removed and planted in soil.