Açaí Palm Seeds - Para Dwarf

Açaí Palm Seeds - Para Dwarf

$ 18.94

We sell a special variety called the Dwarf Açaí. These seeds were selectively bread by growing experts to maximize productivity of the Açaí fruit. 

Para Dwarf, commonly known as Dwarf Açaí Palm, is the more rare dwarf form of the famed Açaí Palm. Gorgeous, fast growing and producing fruits and delicious berries earlier than the standard form at approximately 3-4 years of age, this variety does it all at a much smaller size - around 3 feet of trunk height.

From the Brazilian rainforest, famous for some of the most delicious and nutritious berries known, açaí of this variety are typically made into a tasty juice, smoothie, or put on breakfast cereal, with highly beneficial antioxidants.

Dwarf Açaí Characteristics:

  • 20% more pulp per berry
  • Achieves height of 20 feet rather than 30
  • Better uniform quality of fruit with an excellent flavor.
  • Begins to fruit at a shorter height.

Our seeds have a very reliable germination rate, most arrive with roots already.


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